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10 lessons for web designers

0 comments Wroblewski’s valuable advice:

  1. You can influence your audience on the Web, but you can’t control them
  2. Web applications are digital products. Design & think of them as such
  3. Whoever can frame the problem best, is the most likely to solve it
  4. There are many ways to move pixels around on a screen. Not all of them are designing
  5. User interface = Information architecture + Interaction design + Visual design
  6. Don’t just think about the context of your Web site, think about the context of the Web
  7. Visual design is not just about making things look pretty
  8. Organization, interaction, and presentation are the top-level considerations for any Web site or application design
  9. Be a smart node – In the economy of the 2000s, creativity is once again a key driver of value as command and control structures can no longer manage the full set of information and decisions required to operate at a global scale. This creates a need for “smart nodes” across the enterprise that can collaboratively lead aspects of the business
  10. Design provides unique value to strategic decision-making